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Learn To Surf With The Pro's.


If you are looking for an experience which combines purity of spirit with an adrenaline rush of note - then learning how to surf is the ultimate body, mind and soul adventure. It is an awe - inspiring experience which you can easily share in after a few lessons with Ant Brodowicz - one of the most widely celebrated and experienced surfers this country has produced, he was recently inducted into the South African Surfing Hall of Fame for the momentous role he has played in surfing in South Africa. Surf Action gives everybody the chance to experience the thrill of surfing. There is no stress involved, as we supply all the equipment and guide you every step of the way. Your safety is always assured as our ISA (International Surfing Association) certified instructors have expert knowledge of the tides, currents and sea conditions - so "no worries". Get on board with Surf Action now!

Surf Reports

Surf Action,Margate,South Africa,Surf Lessons,Clothing Store,Home
Surf Action,Margate,South Africa,Surf Lessons,Clothing Store,Home

Surf Action's Instructors are accredited by the following:

Surf Lesson Prices

Feel The Stoke

Surf Action has a special rate for our Surf Lessons that are run in Southbroom and Margate.


R400.00 - for a private lesson.


R350.00 - per person for a couples lesson (2 people).


R300.00 - per person for a group lesson ( 3-6 people ).


We also include:


1).Theory booklet.


2). Certificate of participation.


An Indemnity form must be completed to finalise any booking.


Please take note that all surf lessons are dependent on weather and sea conditions, safety will not be compromised under any circumstances.


Professional Photographer available as an optional extra to capture the stoke and  memories forever.


Contact: Mark Franz Photography

082 234 7068











Surfboard Rental Prices

"Get On Board"

Surf Action has surfboard rental facilities in store.




R300.00   - Full day (24hrs).


R200.00   - Half day (4hrs).


R100.00   - Per hour (1hr).




R70.00   - Set rate (1hr) - (24hrs).


The completion of a rental contract will be required along with a R400 deposit and ID booklet.


We also have Ding Repair facilities in store.





Book now for the experience of your life!

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